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Do You Know What is O2O Commerce?

In Online-to-Offline (O2O) commerce, companies treat their online and offline marketing channels as complementary instead of competitive. Some examples include:

- Click and collect - where customers buy products online and then pick them up in-store

- Online shopping during a physical visit

- Returning items purchased online to a physical store

A testament to the importance of O2O was demonstrated in Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods.

Amazon invested over $13 billion in the acquisition because they understood an undeniable reality about consumers: Despite all the fascination with devices and digital services, most sales still happen in physical stores.

76% of consumers who search for products or services in their local area end up visiting a store within a day, with many of these visits resulting in purchases. Spotify estimates show that over 80% of retail sales will happen in stores to 2021, and possibly beyond.

These stats make it clear that an effective marketing campaign can’t afford to overlook offline strategies.

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